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FGM: reporting of cases among children becomes mandatory

A duty on all teachers, doctors, nurses and social workers to report child cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) to the police will come into force next week.

New legislation announced earlier this year make such disclosures mandatory and professionals who fail to report the illegal practice in under-18s could face the sack.

Under the new law, health and social-care professionals and teachers in England and Wales will be obliged to report all cases of known FGM in under-18s, whether it is disclosed by the victim or seen by the professional.

Failure to report cases within a month, unless there are “exceptional” safeguarding issues, could result in the professionals facing internal disciplinary action or referral to regulators, which could bar them from practice.

At a conference on Monday, Karen Bradley, minister for preventing abuse and exploitation, announced the legal obligation would begin on 31 October.

Read more: http://Health professionals are required to report cases among children within a month, unless there are exceptional safeguarding issues. Failure to do so could result in them being referred to regulators. Photograph: Alamy

Girl forced to marry a 78-year-old when she was just NINE is freed after four years of marriage in Kenya

A girl in Kenya who was forced to marry a man old enough to be her grandfather when she was only nine years old has been freed after four years of hell.

Younis, 13, who is part of the Samburu tribe, was married off by her parents in accordance to tribal custom, which also includes female genital mutilation and offering girls to male relatives for sex.

She was forced to live with the 78-year-old man for four years until she escaped and walked barefoot to a boarding school for girls called the Samburu Girls Foundation.

Tragic tale: Younis endured four years of  trauma after being married off to a 78-year-old man by her parents
Tragic tale: Younis endured four years of  trauma after being married off to a 78-year-old man by her parents

Explaining her harrowing and heartbreaking tale, Younis told CNN: ‘When I was about nine years old, my father married me off to an old man who was 78 years old’  ‘He told me that I will be a wife but I was just innocent, I wanted to come to school. But that man wanted me to be a third wife. I told him, I will not be your wife, and he caned me.’

Luckily for Younis and around 200 other girls across Kenya, the Samburu Girls Foundation offered her a way out.

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Forced marriage in Britain: It nearly happened to me

Last year in the UK, 1,267 people were assisted by the government’s Forced Marriage Unit. Add to this the number of people supported by specialist independent charities, as well as local police forces up and down the country, and you have a figure running well into the thousands. In Channel 4’s powerful documentary Forced Marriage Cops (going out this evening) director Anna Hall and her team follow the work of police officers in Greater Manchester as they investigate 250 cases of forced marriage over the course of 12 months.

Shaheen Hashmat, 29, escaped her family and the risk of a forced marriage aged 13

This wasn’t an easy programme for me to watch. It’s been almost 20 years since the police and local authorities helped me escape from my family because of abuse and the threat of forced marriage. So much time has passed now, and it’s more than jarring to see past experiences reflected so powerfully on camera in the lives of other women like my siblings and I. Forced Marriage Cops focuses on the stories of several women, and each one illustrates the different ways that victims can be affected by forced marriage.

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Muslim father strangled daughter, 19, to death in ‘honour killing’ after she was caught stealing condoms for sex with her forbidden boyfriend in Germany

Muslim father strangled daughter, 19, to death in ‘honour killing’ after she was caught stealing condoms for sex with her forbidden boyfriend in Germany. Khan, 51, with tears streaming down his face, admitted the killing because in his eyes she had brought ‘dishonour’ on the family with her love for a boy he didn’t approve of. He and his wife were wed in an arranged marriage and he wanted the same for her.

a COURT HEARLareeb stayed away from the home for several nights in a row and stopped wearing her headscarf. Her family then got a letter from the police saying she had been caught trying to steal condoms

Khan and his wife, originally from Pakistan, are on trial for murder at the State Court in Darmstadt. Shazia, 41, described how she was a downtrodden woman, totally in the thrall of her husband, and unable to save her daughter.

The court heard how the parents sent Lareeb’s sister Nida, 14, to a relative on the evening of the murder in January this year.

Nida gave evidence against both her parents, saying her mother was as strict as their father, often striking both of them.

The mother held out her arms to Nida when she appeared in court on Friday but Nida refused to acknowledge her.

Nida said: ‘My Mama was not suppressed, she could do what she wanted. She used to hit me with a stick.

‘We were never allowed to talk about her boyfriend. My father used to say my sister should be forcibly married in Pakistan.’

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London airport staff battle to stop #FGM during summer holidays

Heathrow’s border control staff are facing a ‘huge challenge’ to protect girls at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced marriage during the summer holidays.

Border Force officers at London’s biggest airport have been trained to look out for girls who are being taken out of the country to undergo the illegal practice of FGM or other forms of violence, such as trafficking.

National school summer holidays are known to be exceptionally high risk for young girls – in some parts of Africa it is known as ‘cutting season’ for FGM – meaning staff are putting extra efforts into identifying victims of FGM and forced marriage.

Border Force staff act out a situation where a trafficking victim is identified (Radhika Sanghani)

Heathrow and Gatwick airport are conducting joint operations alongside the police to educate and protect potential victims.

Today, Heathrow airport demonstrated its work to Home Office minister Karen Bradley by simulating the arrival of a young woman who was suspected to be a trafficking victim.

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How border guards are trained to spot potential FGM victims

If you are a teacher or a health worker and you think a girl has been subjected to genital mutilation, you now must report it.

The government is going to make it a legal requirement in the coming months, although details of how the new law will be enforced still have to be worked out.

A new report estimates that about 137,000 women and girls are affected in England and Wales, with the highest number living in London.

Border control

Border officers simulate the arrival of a passenger suspected of trafficking a woman through Heathrow Airport

The minister in charge of tackling female genital mutilation (FGM) admits it’s “a very difficult thing”.

FGM: What is female genital mutilation? Debunking the myths

Karen Bradley, minister for preventing abuse and exploitation, told Newsbeat: “It is the case where there is sometimes nobody in the family who thinks this is unacceptable.

“But we need to reach out to isolated communities, and say this isn’t part of the shared values here in Britain. This is not the way to behave. There is no cultural, religious, or political excuse. This is child abuse.”

Part of the plan to tackle it is to get more border staff at airports trained up on how to spot the signs of FGM, but also forced marriage and trafficking.

This already happens at Manchester and Gatwick airports.

At Heathrow Airport in London, 200,000 people leave and arrive every day.

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Jeena International hosts talks to raise awareness of Honour Based Violence Day (#HBV)

Jeena International ran a day of events, including a key note speech by police and crime commissioner Anthony Stansfeld on Thursday, July 16, at Singh Sabha Sports Centre in Stoke Poges Lane, Slough.

A day of events was organised by a women’s charity to mark Honour Based Violence Day 2015.

Throughout the afternoon there were talks on forced marriages, female genital mutilation (FGM) and honour based violence to safeguard potential victims.

Zina Younes, 17, is a sixth former at Herschel Grammar School and volunteers with Jeena International.

She said: “I think schools should really deal with these issues from a young age.

“I think that a lot of these things happen in Slough so we do need to talk about it, especially because we are so multicultural.” Shabnum Sadiq from Slough Volunteer Centre said she had not come across forced marriage before but wanted to learn more about services available to help if it comes up during her work.

“It is something which needs to be dealt with,” said Shabnum.

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Our HBV Charter – #breakthesilence

Halo Project

All-women shows of new FGM play from National Theatre of Scotland

THE National Theatre of Scotland is to put on its first women-only matinées for its new play about female genital mutilation.

Yusra Warsama and Cora Bissett. Photograph: Sally Jubb


Rites, by the award-winning director and writer Cora Bissett and Manchester-based theatre practitioner Yusra Warsama, examines female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as female circumcision or cutting.  Rites is based on interviews with young women and girls who have been cut, their mothers who feel the need to carry on the practice, and the health professionals, teachers and others who deal with the consequences.

FGM involves partial or total removal of external female genitalia.

The reasons for it are complicated and differ depending on a number of factors, including which of the African and the Middle East countries where FGM is concentrated the girl has come from or has roots. Bissett, whose previous work includes the powerful and award-winning Roadkill and Glasgow Girls, hopes the play will fairly and sensitively discuss FGM.

She said: “Theatre is an extremely powerful medium to explore complex stories, put cultural practice under the spotlight and to find sensitive ways of portraying traumatic human experiences.

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Police at Liverpool John Lennon airport to raise awareness of human trafficking

Police officers will be at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, over the next few days, to talk to travellers about human trafficking.

The officers will be in the departures area working with colleagues from Karma Nirvana and The UK Border Force Safeguarding Team speaking with people and offering them help if they have concerns or information about issues like forced marriage, honour based violence and female genital mutilation.

Detective Chief Inspector Natalie Perischine from the Liverpool Protecting Vulnerable People unit, said: “This is a busy time of year when people will be using Liverpool John Lennon Airport to connect with destinations across the world.

Liverpool John Lennon airport

“This operation is all about raising awareness of FGM, forced marriage and honour based violence and encouraging people to speak to us if they have information or concerns.

“School holidays can see an increase in the number of young people being forced to travel abroad and we are determined to work with LJLA and a range of partners to provide a visible presence and show our absolute commitment to tackling these problems and supporting victims.”


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