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Emergency help

Calling the police

If in an emergency the police have a duty to ensure your safety. If you fear that you or someone you know is at serious risk of harm please ring 999 immediately.

Calling the police but unable to speak

It is always best to speak to the operator if you can, this may be through whispering and tapping or coughing in response to questions.

However, if you need the police but cannot speak find information here (link embedded) and below:

Calling 999 through British Sign Language (BSL)

999 BSL connects you to British Sign Language Interpreters remotely through an app or a web-based platform, who then will relay the conversation with the call handler and emergency authorities. Please find the web-based platform here (link embedded).

[How The Halo Project can help?]

(Have an overview of all the different types of the support at the beginning. Then you can click it and it will take you straight to the corresponding information

 and you can also scroll all the way through)

  • Specialist Support line
  • Support in Communities
  • Family and Immigration law clinics
  • Black and Minoritised specialist Safe Housing /Refuge
  • Circle of Friends
  • Survivor Forum
  • Specialist Training


Specialist Support line

The Halo Project operate a national specialist support line. Our dedicated Team can provide specialist advice and information if you or someone you know if experiencing or is at risk of domestic and sexual violence including honour based abuse, forced marriage, FGM. Our support and advice is independent, confidential and non-judgmental.

Survivors or professionals can contact The Halo Project on 01642 683045 or email  for further information.


Support in Communities  

The Halo Project is based in the North East of England and we provide direct one to one support to Women and Girls living in and around our region. We work with you to keep you safe and to develop a unique support plan that aims to meet your, emotional, cultural,  financial and practical needs. The Halo Project also advocates for your best interests if working with other professionals and agencies. We can also attend court with you and provide support for those engaging with the legal process.

Survivors or professionals can contact The Halo Project on 01642 683045 or email for further information.


Family and Immigration Law Clinics

We operate family and immigration law clinics. This allows a free 30 minute appointment to gain legal advice with a specialist solicitor. Appointments are conducted in a private room where all that is discussed remains private and confidential.

Survivors or professionals can contact The Halo Project on 01642 683045 or email for further information.


Black and Minoritised Specialist Safe Housing / Refuge

Our Halo Homes  provide safe accommodation for black and minoritised women and their children  who have faced cultural harms , we offer a safe and supported haven and are equipped to meet cultural and religious needs whilst ensuring that weomsn feel a sense of belonging and community. We are invested in the future of our residents and strive to provide onward recovery, housing and integration back into a new, safer community. To support as many in need as possible we also accommodate women who have no recourse to public funds.

All our vacancies are available on Womens Aid,  Routes to Support if you need any further information please contact us on 01642 688797 or email us on


Specialist Training

With our Survivors we have developed a portfolio of specialist accredited training for both Victims and Professionals. All education is trauma informed and we have recovery programmes for Women and Girls and Cultural and Safeguarding training for professionals.

Our community education programmes for Women and Girls include

  • Halo Hope proven to aid recovery for survivors on Forced Marriage, FGM and Honour-Based Abuse.
  • Halo Exhale to aid mental health and wellbeing
  • Basic budgeting
  • Everyday English (pre ESOL)
  • Frist Steps into Work

Our Professionals Training includes

Its Not Culture its Abuse aims to highlight safeguarding risks faced by black and minoritised women

Honour Based Abuse, Female Genital Mutilation and Forced marriage training modules 

Bespoke modules can be tailor-made for any individual or sector  please contact The Halo Project on 01642 683045 or email  for further information.

Find Our About Our Training


Survivor Integration: Circle of Friends

Survivors can often feel a sense of isolation when moved to a place of safety. At the Halo Project we recognise that support should not stop at the point of ensuring safety and have been operating our Circle of Friends programme for over 10 years to help women to integrate back into society and to build new friendships and networks to alleviate their isolation.

Circle of Friends is our current and former service users and it enables our women and children to meet others with similar experiences, combat isolation, develop friendships, instil confidence and improve overall mental health and wellbeing. Past events activities have included coffee mornings, self-defence classes, yoga, bowling, swimming and cooking classes. This provided an opportunity to safely meet other women who share similar experiences and culture to create a new community of friends.

All these [activties] are making huge impact in our lives and in my way of thinking as well. They are very helpful and I actually used to do nothing over the past one year. I do yoga every day now

I used to dream that I would do these types of things and today my dream came true!”

Survivors or professionals can contact The Halo Project on 01642 683 045 or email  for further information.


Survivors Forum

The Halo Project is a victim led organisation, at the heart of our work is to ensure victims voices are heard and responded to.  Our Survivors Panel share and evaluate their experiences interacting with a range of services from police to social workers. This operates to distill and locate gaps within services for BME women. We then work in collaboration with organisations and authorities to alleviate these gaps and improve equality in service delivery. 

Survivors or professionals can contact The Halo Project on 01642 683 045 or email  for further information.


General Safety Advice

Please find below our general safety advice to prevent harm or further harm from happening, preparing for an emergency exit and protecting yourself if experiencing immediate harm and danger.


Download Heista App
  • This provides content to help you understand if you or someone else is at risk.
  • Provides a UK-wide directory of specialist domestic abuse support services (Available in English, Urdu, Punjabi, Polish and Welsh)
Private Browsing Mode
  • Use private browsing on your devices.
  • This prevent websites saving any data, history or cookies which can be tracked by perpetrators
  • Information on how to do this can be found here (Note this mode is not 100% safe).
Stored Passwords
  • Do not use obvious passwords.
  • Keep changing your passwords.
  • Do not store passwords.
Turn your location off
  • Makes sure your devices have your location turned off to prevent people tracking your whereabouts.


Pack an emergency bag
  • Include all your essential items and documents in case of an emergency exit This includes passport, driving licence and birth certificate etc.
  • Store this in a safe place or with someone you trust e.g. friend or neighbour
Telephone numbers
  • Keep a record of important telephone numbers in a safe place or in your emergency bag.
  • For example, the number of social services, forced marriage unit, solicitors, children's school, GP
  • If possible try and keep some money aside.


Emergency services
  • If in an emergency ring 999 Familiarise yourself with our emergency help page (link to Halo Emergency Help tab inserted here).
Download Hollie Guard App
  • If in danger this app can immediately notify your chosen contacts, pinpointing your location and sending audio and video evidence directly to their mobile phones.
Safety locks on your property
  • Ensure that your doors and windows are fitted with working locks.
CCTV on your property
  • Having CCTV monitor your property can record any suspicious behavior which can be reported to the police.
Panic and Safety alarms in your property
  • This can be pressed if an immediate danger than can alert the police immediately.
Gain legal advice
  • There are certain orders such as a non- molestation order that can be granted to prevent a person making contact with you. If the order is breached it can result in criminal sanctions. Seek the advice of a family law solicitor and discuss legal aid if finance will be an issue.

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