About Us

About Us

The Halo Project has been set up specifically to support victims suffering abuse in the name of honour and those experiencing forced marriage. 

An estimated 8000 young women a year are forced into marriage, unreported figures are much higher.

 The Halo Project supports and advises victims so that they are protected and do not experience an indefensible abuse of human rights which can result in abduction, serial rape and murder in the extreme.  The credentials of the team have been specifically sought to ensure confidentiality, respect and integrity and these are the key values underpinning all programme activities.

Across Tees Valley and the North East, we already have an emerging case load, this will help build upon good practice ahead of the legal obligations which are expected as part of the criminalisation of forced marriage bill expected next year.  

The Halo project will not only provide emotional and practical support to victims who have been through or may go through a forced marriage but will also look to educate the community regarding forced marriage issues, work closely with Cleveland Police CHOICE helpline staff and create and maintain links with relevant agencies and organisations which provide emergency and non-emergency services to victims.

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