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What training do we offer?

The Halo Project has provided specialist support to Black and minoritised survivors of abuse for over a decade. Following feedback from survivors, we decided to put our extensive casework, life experiences and specialist cultural knowledge to further use by designing a range of impactful trauma-informed awareness-raising sessions and accredited training to educate everyone.

Our training ranges from basic awareness-raising sessions and easy to follow e-learning, to in-depth accredited training, bespoke tailored courses to suit your organisation and sector needs. We have incorporated good practice derived from serious safeguarding reviews, professional challenges and DHR’s involving honour killing guidance and expertise. Our latest HBA/FM/FGM Train the Trainer facilitator model provides facilitators with the tools to deliver our highly successful, trauma-informed community education programme, Halo Hope. As well as the specialist modules outlined below, we can also deliver bespoke sessions on other forms of abuse upon request.

Our specialist trauma-informed accredited training modules include:

  • Domestic Abuse: When Love Hurts
  • Forced Marriage, Honour Based Abuse and Female Genital Mutilation: It’s Not Culture, It’s Abuse
  • Child Sexual Abuse: Let’s Talk About It
  • Cultural Competency and Religious Understanding: Responding to the needs of our diverse population


What is the value of our training?

Evidence shows that those best placed to train frontline professionals are specialist support services, as they have a greater knowledge of the behaviours involved and the cultural awareness in understanding specific needs (Baillot et al., 2014).The Halo Project have translated our has extensive experience spanning over a decade to collate feedback from survivors, casework, life experiences and specialist cultural knowledge to design a range of impactful trauma-informed awareness-raising sessions and accredited training to educate everyone. We are proud that since launching ten years ago, we have delivered our expert training to over 3000 frontline professionals across the UK including police, local authorities and lawyers.


Why is safeguarding every professional's duty?

“We want to increase disclosures, we want to support them, we want people to come forward. Victims and survivors will come forward to whatever person or professional they have access to and that’s one of the other barriers that our women face, that sometimes they’re on house arrest so the access that they have, it might be to a midwife, it might be to a nurse, they might be at school so they’ve only got access to teachers, they might disclose to a GP and we need to make sure people are trained up so that when disclosures are made, there’s an understanding, an awareness and that they know how to react to that” – Training Lead


Increase your knowledge. Understand the risk. Safeguard the victim. Save lives.



  • “Very interesting and informative course. I feel more prepared to identify and deal with cases of forced marriage and honour-based violence. Thank you.” – Police
  • Trainers were very approachable and knowledgeable. I found the FGM material very interesting as it was a subject I knew little about. Invaluable information to take back to the MARAC team. – Police
  • Brilliant, knowledgeable, personable, approachable instructor. Most interesting and informative course I have EVER been on! The facilitator was totally AMAZING!!!!” -Probation
  • Raising awareness is paramount in changing the culture within certain communities and amongst professional agencies. The facilitators delivered the training with knowledge and passion. Thank you – Probation
  • An outstanding instructor who paced the session well and delivered content with excellent subject knowledge, passion and commitment. I will include this in our own staff training – Safegaurding
  • This was a very well-presented course. There was a good balance of subject depth and accessibly presented, informative material. The instructor was highly skilled – other charities
  • Thank you - I have taken a lot from today that will support the young people I work with – other charities