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Double suicide tragedy as two 19-year-old girls are found hanged after they were forced to marry against their will in India

Two 19-year-old girls have been found hanged after they were forced to marry against their will in India.

Police discovered Asha Shrikant Burud and Swati Umesh Zanjare hanging from a tree in a jungle and instantly described their deaths as suicide. The two young women were married off in a mass ceremony at the start of the month in Ambegaon taluka, western India, and had gone missing 10 days later.

Asha Shrikant BurudSwati Umesh Zanjare

Their families, from the village of Asane, last saw them when they set off to gather wood and fruit in a nearby forest and reported them missing three days ago.

Police said they probably committed suicide because they were married off against their wishes.

Inspector Girish Dighavkar of the Ghodegaon police station said, ‘Based on the primary investigation, we believe that the two have committed suicide.

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One in 10 forced marriages are in Yorkshire

ONE in ten reports of a suspected forced marriage in the UK come from concerned communities in Yorkshire and the Humber, new statistics show.

As a dangerous window of opportunity approaches for women and men to be taken abroad against their will during half term, the Government is today launching a video with the message that the ‘brutal’ practice will not be tolerated in the region.

Around 120 women and men living across Yorkshire and the Humber received help and support from the Government’s Forced Marriage Unit (FMU) last year in what were potential cases of someone being married against their will.
Pakistan, India and Bangladesh were the most common countries involved in reports to the FMU, however nearly a quarter of cases were from people concerned about a marriage to someone in the UK.

Today the Foreign Office has launched a hard-hitting video showing forced marriage’s devastating impact on the victim and their family, and the criminal consequences of anyone’s involvement in the process.

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Family Tries To “Fix” Their Transgender Son By Tricking Him Into An Arranged Marriage

A trans man says he was tricked by his parents into going to India, where they arranged a sham marriage in an effort to “fix” him.

Screen shot 2015-09-30 at 2.57.22 PM

19-year-old Shivy (pictured) is an Indian citizen but has lived in California since three. He’s currently enrolled in the Neurobiology Program at UC Davis.

In June, he and his mother got into an argument after he cut his hair short. As a result, Shivy’s mother confiscated his phone. Going through his text messages, she learned Shivy was transgender and that he had a girlfriend.

“She was furious,” Shivy recalls in a video uploaded to YouTube, “and I didn’t feel safe at all.”

Not long after that, his mother told him his grandmother in India had suddenly become very ill and that he needed to go be with her. Shivy agreed. But halfway through what was supposed to be a two week trip, his family told him he not be returning to the U.S. Instead, he was being forced into an arranged marriage with another man in an effort to change him.

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Indian girl beaten and starved by her own MOTHER for refusing to wed at just 11 inspires protest against child marriage with #StrengthtoSayNo hashtag

Indian protesters are taking to Twitter to share the #StrengthtoSayNo hashtag as part of a campaign to crack down on child marriage.

Launched by Penguin Books in association with news website Better India, the initiative seeks to bring awareness to the all-too-common practice of forced underage marriage, in a country where one in five brides is under the age of 15.

The hashtag was inspired by an Indian girl called Rekha Kalindi, now 18, who refused an arranged marriage at the age of just 11 and was allegedly beaten and starved by her own mother for doing so.

Indian protesters are taking to Twitter to share the #StrengthtoSayNo hashtag as part of a campaign to crack down on child marriages

Rekha, who has published her own memoir, Strength to Say No, says she worked from the age of four-years-old to help support her family.

They lived in a remote Indian village where, according to children’s right charity Humanium, ‘when a girl is born, it is always bad news’.

Fortunately for her, the National Child Labour Project in collaboration with UNICEF funded her to get a school education, where she gained a certain level of independence.

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17-year-old girl forced to marry six times

INDIA: Married six times in the past six years.

This was what happened to a 17-year-old girl from Hafeezbabanagar, India who was forcibly married off by her parents, reported Malaysian Nanban. The girl was married off by her father, Mohammed Akhbar who owned a pawnshop, together with the help of his third wide Niloufer, sister Mehrun-nisa and a marriage broker for Rs30,000 (RM1,600) to a man named Basheer in 2012.

Three months later, Basher abandoned her, and girl was married off to a London-based man in Pune for RS30,000 (RM1,600).

Her third and fourth marriage last year were in Mumbai to Saudi sheikhs for amounts ranging from Rs 50,000 (RM2,668) to Rs1 lakh (RM5,337) where the victim spent three months with each of her exploiters.

Her fifth marriage was in Hyderabad to a Bahrain national for the sum of Rs1 lakh (RM5,337).

On February 14, the girl was married off to a 50-year old man from Sudan, but managed to escape and approached the Hyderabad police with the help of a representative from a non-governmental organization on Wednesday.

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