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Forced Marriage: Kazakhstan Stealing the Bride Video Highlights ‘Barbaric’ Kidnapping Practice

Footage of a Kazakh woman apparently being kidnapped and dragged into the house of her future husband has surfaced online. The video shows the woman being pulled out from a car and forced to enter the house of the man who wants to marry her. Some people take pictures and videos as the girl cries and refuses to get off the car, while neighbours look on with curiosity.

When the girl is dragged into the new house, women throw petals and confetti on her. The video, entitled Stealing the Bride, depicts an ancient tradition still practised in several countries in central Asia, Africa and South America, according to which future brides are abducted by friends of the husband-to-be.

During the kidnapping, women cry and beg to be released and when they reach the house of the men who want to marry them, they are pressurised to accept the marriage and celebrate with the new family.

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