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Diana Nammi on women’s rights: ‘We should not use culture to justify murdering women’

Diana Nammi has been battling for women’s rights since she was a teenager growing up in Iran. A former Peshmerga fighter who came to the UK in 1996, she has been instrumental in the campaign to bring honour killers to justice in British courts as well as striving to get forced marriages banned in this country.

Her achievements will be recognised when she is named as one of the six recipients of the Barclays Women of the Year Awards in London tomorrow. She has earned this for her work at the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO), which she founded in her home in 2002 to provide advice and counselling for women from Middle Eastern, North African and Afghan communities. It now has 16 paid staff and last year helped 780 women face to face as well as taking thousands of phone calls.


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