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Special Report: Police help save girls from forced marriage and rape

Court orders are being sought to protect Sheffield girls due to be sent abroad and forced to marry men they have never met, where rape, pregnancy and servitude will become a way of life Ancient family traditions are being thrust upon Sheffield girls, who are being sent abroad against their wishes or naively unaware of the hell of forced marriage which awaits them when they arrive.

In a clash of cultures, girls born in Sheffield, educated in Sheffield and leading settled lives in Sheffield, are being taken abroad to marry – often against their will and to ‘husbands’ they have never met before. Some girls know their fate and are pressured into marrying for fear of bringing shame upon their families, but others travel abroad unaware that they may never return, having been promised as a bride since birth or for money. The practice is illegal in Britain, but common in a number of countries, including Pakistan and Bangladesh, and police forces across the country know girls are being forced to marry against their will and are being subjected to rape.

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