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Support for Organisations, Opportunities for Individuals

There are so many ways you can get involved with the Halo Project. We can help you find opportunities for employment, education or training. There are also many activities we facilitate, from sports and health, well-being programmes to supporting victims of honour based violence, forced marriages and female genital mutilation. If you know anyone who may benefit from our services, contact us in confidence we can assist you in helping others.

Why Volunteer

Halo Project aims to recruit from the community to work with the community. Where possible, we will seek to recruit volunteers from local areas where the skills developed will help you to pursue your vocational, educational and social aspirations. By doing this we will develop our local community as we grow to support your development and nurture your potential, whilst using vital volunteer resources to support the service we provide.

Positions: We recruit volunteers with a range of skills and ability and many commence as an Ambassador, dedicating time to raising awareness of the work of Halo within their communities. Other opportunities are available and we are always keen to hear from anyone who wants to help.

Apply: If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, why not get in touch today on 01642 683045 or email us your CV and letter of interest at

Qualifications: You just need an open mind and a will to change.

Organisations can also benefit from getting involved; if you need to work with BME groups and individuals we have excellent networks across Tees Valley. Halo Project can also help organisations promote and advance equality of opportunity, whether you require tailored learning and development programmes or help with recruiting a diverse workforce, contact us today to see how we can help you meet your equality objectives as outlined in the Equality Act 2010 and subsequent duties.