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The Halo Project was set up to support clients, we specialist in providing cultural and emotional support to clients.

We support and advise clients so they are protected and do not experience an indefensible abuse of human rights which can result in abduction, serial rape and murder in the extreme.  The credentials of the team have been specifically sought to ensure confidentiality, respect and integrity and these are the key values underpinning all programme activities.

We are a national Charity with a case load of over 1,500 clients and have even supported clients who are overseas. We provide emergency and non-emergency services to clients, to ensure we can give them the best support possible.

The Halo Project provide emotional and practical support to clients who have been through, or may be going through a Forced Marriage, Honour-Based Violence and/or Female Genital Mutilation. We do a lot of work around raising awareness across the country as we believe education is the key to preventing these forms of abuses from happening. We signpost and work very closely with other organisations such as the police, social services, lawyers, counsellors etc.

We strive to give our clients all of the help they need to live a life free from abuse.