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NEFGM Guidance 

This guidance has been developed in the true sense of partnership by services who are committed to improving outcomes for victims. FGM is an abuse of human rights, we must continually strive to eradicate this practice from our communities and protect those who are at risk.

The North East FGM Partnership board have developed a multi-agency referral pathway which should not be used as a substitute for statutory or mandatory reporting, but indeed for strengthening the capacity for partners who receive disclosures to identify the required process, intervention and support for FGM victims.

Our North of England Partnership Board aims to identify barriers for FGM victims and provide a platform by which services can share learning and resources to improve outcomes for those most affected by FGM. This FGM tool-kit will help improve the way we work in partnership and help us to identify barriers moving forward. I would like to thank all the members for their help, support and guidance and look forward to working in partnership to end violence against women and girls. 


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Updated 19th June 2017