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Would you be able to spot the signs of a potential forced marriage or honour based violence victim? Are you up to date with the latest information and guidance on legislation and the principles of victim support?

It is important for all front line practitioners and professionals to be aware and have an understanding of the issues surrounding forced marriages and honour based violence to enable them to respond quickly and appropriately. There are still many misconceptions and lack of policies and procedures in place to safeguard children and adults suffering from honour based violence and forced marriage.

The Halo Project provides a comprehensive package to equip services with the understanding and knowledge of:

the issues and difficulties faced by victims of forced marriage and honour based violence.
the features that will to help you recognise honour crime in each case
how to provide an effective service to victims in these cases so that you can ensure safeguarding practices are implemented.
the latest information and guidance on legislation.

The current training options available are:

Bespoke Training Course - designed with the organisation’s/ group’s experience of honour violence and forced marriage, the area of service provision and scope of the delivery of service in mind.
Standard Training Packages – more information can be found at the Training page of this site.
General Presentations - to organisations/ community groups/ the public/ at conferences to inform, give guidance and increase awareness of forced marriages and honour based violence.
Consultancy - we are also able to provide your organisation with independent expert reports, case analysis, training reviews, case specific guidance for interpretation.
Call us now to discuss your training requirements and we will deliver a tailored package to meet your specific needs or for further information on our training programmes, you can contact our offices on 01642 683045 or email us at