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Halo Hubs

The Halo Hubs are partnerships between universities, their student population and the Halo Project Charity, to raise awareness of hate crimes and illegal harmful practices, including forced marriage, female genital mutilation, and honour-based violence, to protect those from BAME communities at risk.


The first Halo Hub was established at Durham University, which has been marketing and raising awareness of illegal harmful practices to its fellow students, safeguarding and wellbeing staff since 2014. Over the years, Halo Hubs have continued to develop, and we now have four hubs in universities across the North East, including:


Durham University

Sunderland University

Teesside University

Northumbria University 


The hubs are run by annually recruited student volunteers who are given the skills and knowledge, through accredited training delivered by Halo, to enable them to design and stage events to raise awareness of illegal cultural harms, alongside an understanding of the UK legislation that underpins these crimes.


The primary aim of the Halo Hub, highlighted by Durham University, is: "To inform others of these human rights violations that take place in Britain, which are often neglected by both the media and the government due to their taboo nature. We achieve this through campaigning, holding events and producing media material, to spread the message consistently and through different forms thus reaching as wide an audience as possible.”


Previous Halo Hub actions include:

  • Awareness-raising events such as quiz and cinema nights, mock trials and debates, information stands, and community outreach
  • Marketing materials such as social media campaigns, the production of posters, flyers and leaflets, and online petitions
  • Provision of information such as guidance on forced marriage and FGM legislation and the protection orders available, signposting communities/agencies/victims to specialist support services such as Halo, and speaking out on illegal cultural harms including case studies to further raise awareness


If you would like to discuss setting a Hub in your area then please contact us on 01642 683045 or email