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Spain raises minimum marriage age from 14 to 16

The legislation follows continued pressure from child protection groups and United Nations experts, who asked the country to address the matter in 2010.

It was one of lowest minimum ages in the European Union, with most members setting it at 16.

Spain has raised the minimum marrying age to 16.

Today, the average marriage age in the community ranges from 16 to 20 for women and from 18 to 22 for men, according to the Foundation of Spanish Gypsies.

Spain raised the minimum age for marriage and sexual relations to 16 on Thursday, from 14 and 13 respectively, bringing the nation into line with a lot of Europe after protests from youngster safety teams. “It’s an age limit that makes us equal with the other countries of the European Union”, says Sara Gimenez, director of the Department of Equal FSG.

Ana Sastre, speaking on behalf of Save the Children from Spain, previously said: ‘Fundamentally it’s a measure of protection to avert possible forced marriages, sexual exploitation or offenses against children, especially girls.’.

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