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Scots with mental and physical disabilities forced into marriages against their will

MANY vulnerable Scots are living in fear of their spouse, with some feeling suicidal, despite new laws aimed to protect victims of forced marriage.

DISABLED Scots are being forced into marriage against their will, according to a shocking report.

Support groups say vulnerable people with mental and physical disabilities are living in fear of a spouse they have been forced to marry. Since a new law was introduced a year ago to protect victims of forced marriage, 75 Scots have called a helpline. The figure is up on last year despite the new legislation and a third of those people are men. We can exclusively reveal that around four per cent of those calls include frantic cries for help from disabled people trapped in a forced marriage.

At least two of the people who rang the helpline were in fear of their lives, five were suicidal, nine were in fear of being physically abused by their partner and 20 were suffering from depression or anxiety. Six were worried about losing their right to live in Britain if they left the marriage.

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