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Canada: Crackdown on ‘Barbaric’ Islamist Practices Against Women

‘Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act’ to crack down on forced marriage, ‘honor killings,’ underage marriage.


The Canadian government, under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, continues to take a hard stance against Islamist extremism – including its laws against women’s rights and freedoms.

Dubbed the “Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act,” the Canadian Parliament released new laws last week targeting “violence against women or girls, including spousal abuse, violence in the name of so-called “honour”, or other, mostly gender-based violence,” according to its official website.

Ottawa also stressed in the explanatory note that the practices are “intolerable” and that lawbreakers would be dealt with harshly, to send a message to the current and future immigrant populations in Canada.

As part of this, new immigrants married to more than one wife or who were convicted of crimes against women in their home countries will not be allowed to emigrate to Canadian soil, and immigrants currently in the country may be extradited to their home countries even without a previous conviction if found guilty of bigamy, the law stated.

Civil marriage shall be determined by law, it added, and second marriages shall be considered valid only with the free consent of both spouses in the event of remarriage after a civil divorce.

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