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Birmingham woman guilty of duping daughter into forced marriage

Jury at Birmingham crown court convicts woman in first successful prosecution of its kind in the UK

A woman from Birmingham has been found guilty of deceiving her teenage daughter into travelling to Pakistan and forcing her to marry a man nearly twice her age in the first successful prosecution of its kind.

The jury at Birmingham crown court heard that the teenager, who became pregnant by the man when she was just 13, had sobbed as the marriage took place.

The court was told that the defendant, a 45-year-old mother of four – who cannot be named for legal reasons – duped her daughter, then 17, into travelling to Pakistan by claiming it was a family holiday and groomed her by bribing her with the promise of a mobile phone.

While abroad, on the teenager’s 18th birthday, she revealed her plan to have her married to one of her relatives and threatened to tear up her passport if she did not comply with her wishes.

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