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Agency Training


The Halo Project’s objectives are not only to provide confidential support and advice to victims but also to conduct outreach programmes with schools and other agencies, including social services and the police.  

Our aim is to provide high quality training to all those who may come into contact with victims of honour based violence, forced marriage and female genital mutilation. Raising awareness of the issues surrounding HBV, FM and FGM, the danger some victims face and the help that can be offered is crucial in supporting victims make the choices that are right for them.  

We have an experienced team that has to date, provided training to a range of agencies from health professionals, schools, colleges and universities to police forces and legal firms. 

We can also facilitate workshops, seminars and conferences based on your organisation's needs or look at tailored training in specific areas for staff to ensure the safety of the most vulnerable in our communities. 

If you are interested in our training programmes then please do not hesitate to call us on 01642 683045 or email us at and discuss your requirements with one of our trained members of staff. 

Enquiries for Scotland can be emailed to