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Help is at hand for School Children

Are your parents talking about a trip ‘Back Home’ with marriage in mind?

Do you know someone being forced into marriage by their parents?

Has your sibling been forced into marriage and are you scared your next?

Are you worried about bringing shame on the family?

Are you being punished for disobeying your family?

Everything you share with us will be treated with respect and discretion. We won’t judge you or criticise you, we are here to listen and support you with our skills and experience. 

Whether you want advice because you are concerned about yourself, a relative or a friend we can help.  

  • If you are in immediate danger of harm call the police- 999

  • When it’s not an emergency call and you need to speak to someone for some advice then call:  08081 788 424 (free phone) or 01642 683045

Know your rights
  • Everyone has the right to CHOOSE who they marry, this is your fundamental right.  The law in Britain will help protect you against a forced marriage. We offer confidential help and advice, we will not contact your family. 
  • Families might put pressure on a victim, or even use emotional blackmail, saying that if they do not agree to a forced marriage then they are going against their religion. This is not true.  

If your family have planned a trip abroad and you think you may be forced into marriage while you are there, make sure you know what to do before you go.

 Forced marriage can happen to anyone, male or female, at any age. Don’t suffer in silence, help is available. Get in touch today