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Meet the 2019/20 Team:


  Tamara is the Project Director and wants to create an environment where people can discuss our topics freely and bring together a wide range of people to make everyone aware of the human rights abuses that are sadly still prevalent throughout the country.
  For Sally, who is the Vice Project Director, being part of the Halo Hub is wanting to “make people aware that this isn’t just a “poor” country issue, it effects everyone. It’s about giving support and voice to those that don’t have it, and overall I’m passionate   about ending social injustice”.
  Jess is the Head of Events and wants to help raise awareness of cultural extremes that happen in our society. It’s particularly important to her to reach out to students who may encounter these extremes in their work e.g. in healthcare, so that these      issues can be recognised. She hopes the society can give support to people and create a discussion.
  Bronte is the Head of Social Media and joined the Hub to educate people on the cultural issues’ victims face. She believes education allows herself and her peers to raise awareness and speak for those who have been affected by abuse and may be afraid     or unable to speak for themselves.

  Mahesh says “being part of Halo is breaking the barriers and engaging with people to help and make some change and it’s something to even change a single person life.”

  Nikita is interested in the Halo Hub to make a difference for people that don't have a voice. She hopes her contributions will help women and men in situations that she feels are inhumane.

  Jade joined the Halo Hub as she “wants to raise awareness for abuse such as FGM and Forced Marriages as these issues are not talked about enough. I hope by reaching out to people it will make a difference and hope this   makes victims come forward and seek justice”

  For Fatimah being part of the Halo Hub is getting people comfortable with the uncomfortable. It’s about providing support and empowering individuals that have been victims of FM, HBV & FGM.

  Jodie wanted to be a member of the Hub to raise awareness about the issues many women face, she hopes being part of the Hub will raise awareness of the services available to that everyone can access the help they        deserve.

  Divya joined the Hub to be part meet people and gain employability skills.

  Alice wanted to be part of the Hub to raise awareness of the abuse happening in our society today such as FGM, as a student nurse she feels it is imperative to raise awareness of these issues as it’s something healthcare      professionals will come across in their work.

  Rachel wanted to join the Hub because she believes the Halo Project are a really meaningful and interesting Charity and would love to learn more about the work we do. She feels people are still unaware of the issues and   thinks it is important to raise awareness of the topics.

  Mais says "as violence against women and harmful traditions are still happening in many parts of the world, the need to have projects such as Halo is vital to protect human rights and dignity. There is no more legitimate  cause to support and I did not hesitate for a second to volunteer with such a dedicated, and trustworthy team. Nothing would feel more right than raising the awareness of public and giving a second and better chance for  survivors to flourish".