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Halo Hope Programme


6 Sessions that could change your life-

  • Free & confidential
  • Make new friends
  • Refreshments provided in a warm & friendly environment

Course aims

  • To raise awareness of domestic abuse within BME communities.
  • To educate and have a clear understanding of Forced Marriages, Female Genital Mutilation & Honour Based Violence.
  • To help women realise that they are not alone, or to blame and there is help available.
  • To illustrate the effects domestic abuse has on children.
  • To assist women to recognize behaviours of different types of abuse.


This 6-week programme is open to anyone who wants information on Forced Marriage, Female Genital Mutilation & Honour Based Violence. The course will enable women to move on with their lives and consider the options available to them.  It will give them the opportunity to be listened to, allow them to be themselves in a safe environment and talk about what is going on in their lives without the fear of being judged.

Sessions will be informal and aim to build participants confidence and self- esteem. We will also provide information about useful services and give advice if required.

We have specialist advisors who deliver this course and they can help show women that they can live a life free from abuse and violence.

The course covers the effects on individuals, children and women themselves and provides the tools to consider what they may need to do.  It will enable women to gain knowledge and skills, which will help them to make informed choices so that they can protect themselves and their children. 

Please note all those attending the course will need to agree to clear ground rules to ensure all discussions are kept confidential.

The Halo Hope Programme is free, confidential and delivered in a safe and comfortable environment.

If you are a professional and are working with someone who may benefit from attending the programme please contact the Halo project on 01642 683045