Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends 


Here at the Halo Project Charity, we understand how it may feel when you leave your family and an abusive situation. Hence we have worked with the Police and Crime Commissioner of Cleveland to establish the "Circle of Friends,” a survivor group. 

Our support network offers you a safe haven to speak about your experiences and an opportunity to make new friends who may be in a similar situation to yourself. Women and girls who have escaped a forced marriage or the threat of one and who may have been ostracised from their family and community can meet and not feel so alone.

We also invite different agencies, who can help with your situation such as solicitors who can provide free legal advice, housing and the Job Centre. We also provide clothing and toys for families. 

How often do we meet? 

We meet every quarter at a private location with various agencies that are invited on request by our survivors. The meetings usually last a few hours and are always filled with fun, joy and laughter and of course some home cooked food by us for you. We also provide Asian clothes as well as toys; we have received generous donations and can usually obtain items, which have been requested, through our fundraising sources.

To find out more contact one of team on 01642 683045.

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