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Circle of Friends


We understand how it feels when you leave your family and friends from an abusive situation, which is why we have worked with the Police and Crime Commissioner of Cleveland to establish the Circle of Friends survivor group.

This provides you with a support network where you have a safe space to speak about your experiences with people who have gone through similar situations, it gives you the opportunity to make new friends.

Victims that have fled abuse may have been ostracised from their family and community, but the Circle of Friends gives you an opportunity to not be alone.

At the Circle of Friends events we also invite other agencies who may be able to help you in several ways, and the agencies we invite have been requested through the survivors, for example, we have invited the Police, fire brigade, councillors and solicitors. We have also had makeup artists attend these events, teaching survivors some easy makeup tricks and we have also had some stands providing clothing and toys for families.

These events are every quarter at an undisclosed private locations, they usually last around a few hours and are always filled with fun, joy, laughter and of course, some home cooked food.