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Our aim is to raise awareness so victims are more likely to seek help at an earlier stage and the relevant agencies intervene more quickly to prevent abuse from taking place.


Are you being forced against your will to marry someone?

Are you being accused of bringing ‘shame’ onto the family?

Are you worried about being forced to undergo FGM?


Whether you want advice because you are concerned about yourself, a relative or a friend we can help. In an emergency (including fear of being taken abroad) call: 08081 788 424 (free phone).

When it’s not an emergency call and you need to speak to someone for some advice then call: 01642 683045

By using a victim centered approach with easy access to reporting systems and helpline numbers we can offer confidential support packages and discuss all the options available to get the best outcome for you.

By using this approach we aim to reduce isolation, hopefully save lives and break the silence.