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Forced Marriages (FM) and Honour basied violence (HBV) occurs across different communities and is prevalent in our community today.  There is often a lack of understanding of the issues surrounding both HBV and FM. Being able to recognise the signs of a forced marriage or being aware of what to do when a victim discloses information about HBV can not only turn around a life it can save lives.

Key Elements Of the Course

The Halo Project is raising awareness about forced marriages and the complexities of honour based violence.  The course will help delegates identify the signs, help you become more confident in responding to disclosures of FM and HBV and be able to signpost them to the right agencies.  Delegates will gain a better understanding of the reasons behind HBV and understand the difficulties the victims face.


  • Be able to define FM and HBV
  • Distinguish between a forced and an arranged marriage
  • Understand the reasons behind HBV  and what abuse it involves
  • Be able to identify the warning signs of a potential victim
  • The once chance rule – responding to the warning signals
  • Be aware of the do’s and don’ts when professionals are faced with potential victims
  • Signpost victims to the right agencies and know what services are offered by the halo project.

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