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Women of Influence Yasmin Khan

Equality and diversity is the key for pioneering founder of honour based violence project

by Alison Bellamy

Meet Yasmin Khan, who is the pioneering founder of a forced marriage and honour based violence charity the Halo Project.

Yasmin has worked with communities and particularly women, in addressing inequalities in the fields of employment, education and training.

Establishing a strategic community partnership to provide support for forced marriage and honour based violence victims in the North East of England, has resulted in developing the first Forced Marriage/HBV case scrutiny group in the UK.

Tell us about the Halo Project?

It provides services to women and girls who have suffered horrific and abusive pasts they continue to change attitudes within the community and influence the way services are delivered to the most vulnerable in society.

Do you ever feel frustrated about the justice system and the law in relation to so called ‘honour killings’?

 At times, I am deeply frustrated at the lack of prosecutions of forced marriages and FGM, but this demonstrates the deep rooted challenges that exist within communities and the attitudes towards perpetrators.

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