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Annual Memorial Day will pay tribute to honour killing victims on birthday of Bradford-born Shafilea Ahmed

THE first memorial day to remember victims of honour killings will be on July 14 – the birthday of 17-year-old Bradford-born Shafilea Ahmed, who was murdered by her parents.

The day, which will be marked every year, was secured by Karma Nirvana, a UK charity which supports victims of honour crimes and forced marriages and Cosmopolitan magazine.

Shafilea (pictured) was suffocated by her parents in 2003 after suffering years of honour-based violence, including an attempted forced marriage – she was just one of an estimated 5,000 women across the world killed each year for bringing ‘shame’ upon their families.

The memorial day was brought about after a petition in May 2014 urged people to pledge their support and more than 115,000 signatures were gathered with the support of the three main political parties.

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