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Region joins forces against ‘honour’ violence

POLICE in the North-East and support organisations led by the Halo Project have united to sign an honour based violence (HBV) charter pledging to wipe out the crime in the region and are urging victims to come forward.
They said that vital lessons have been learned since Banaz Mahmod’s pleas for help fell on deaf ears nine years ago and assured that they will be believed. The terrified 20-year-old wrote a letter from beyond the grave giving details about the men she believed would savagely kill her before her raped and strangled body was found in a suitcase.

PLEDGE: Yasmin Khan, director of Halo Project, signing a charter vowing to eradicate ‘honour’ based violence in the region with Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner, Barry Coppinger

After she was spotted kissing her boyfriend in the street, Banaz Mahmod from London was murdered by her own family in a so called ‘honour’ killing despite reporting to police that she feared her life was in danger five times.
The harrowing documentary, ‘Banaz: A Love Story’ made by award-winning filmmaker Deeyah Khan, was screened at the pledge event detailing the tragic events that unfolded from her police interview to her killers finally being brought to justice.
A picture of a younger Banaz flashed up on the screen shows a baby faced beauty with rosebud lips and a healthy glow. But the woman who sat in the police interview room with her straggly hair scraped back in a bun, looked gaunt, exhausted and with the knowing look of fear in her eyes.

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Karma Nirvana: Spending a day at the helpline advising terrified girls being pushed into forced marriages

It was the first of many messages sent to the forced marriage and honour abuse charity Karma Nirvana from a teenager desperate to escape home. Over the past few months, in snatched one-line messages – “can’t stay at home any more. Losing the plot” – she has tried to plan her escape with staff at the helpline.

In her chain of emails, she has claimed to be a “punch bag” for the family and expressed fears that her parents will  “send her away to get married or worse” if they knew she was planning on fleeing.

When The Independent spent a day at the helpline this week, the young woman was finally able to make telephone contact, sneaking a few seconds alone while her family were downstairs. Softly, she asks if the charity has been able to find a refuge for her in the city she wants to move to. The answer is no: all places are full up for the second day in a row.

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Jeena International hosts talks to raise awareness of Honour Based Violence Day (#HBV)

Jeena International ran a day of events, including a key note speech by police and crime commissioner Anthony Stansfeld on Thursday, July 16, at Singh Sabha Sports Centre in Stoke Poges Lane, Slough.

Throughout the afternoon there were talks on forced marriages, female genital mutilation (FGM) and honour based violence to safeguard potential victims.

Zina Younes, 17, is a sixth former at Herschel Grammar School and volunteers with Jeena International.

She said: “I think schools should really deal with these issues from a young age.

“I think that a lot of these things happen in Slough so we do need to talk about it, especially because we are so multicultural.” Shabnum Sadiq from Slough Volunteer Centre said she had not come across forced marriage before but wanted to learn more about services available to help if it comes up during her work.

“It is something which needs to be dealt with,” said Shabnum.

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Our HBV Charter – #breakthesilence

Halo Project

Let’s make Honour Killings history……………….

Every year thousands of women suffer from honour based violence with around 12 women killed, all for supposedly compromising their families so called “izzat” (honour). The 14th July is the official day to remember Britain’s lost women, this date commemorates the birth date of Shafilea Ahmed (#RememberShafilea), seventeen years later she was murdered by her parents in front of her sister after she resisted a forced marriage.

The Halo Project Charity in partnership with Teesside University are holding an event on this historic day, 14th July 2015 to raise the awareness of honour based violence and will be leading the way for partners and agencies to sign a HBV charter. The day will also be an opportunity to see short HBV films,  documentary and to find out what is happening locally to support victims. If you would like to join us and sign the Halo Partnership HBV Charter as a demonstration of our continued commitment to stamp out honour abuse, come and visit us from 9.30 to 2.00 @ Teesside University. For further information contact the Halo Project Charity on 01642 683045.

9.00        Meet Halo staff, speak to survivors

9.30        Teesside University lead the way to sign HBV Charter

10.00-10.45   Short films, documentary, HBV information and awareness

11.00           North East Police and Crime Commissioners show their commitment as part of their VAWG strategy joint signatories

1.30-2.00   CPS North East Chief Crown Prosecutor (Further opportunity to sign HBV pledge for visitors and HBV awareness)

Our partners will also be visiting during the day and include Middlesbrough Council, Cleveland Police, Durham Police, Northumbria Police, Middlesbrough College, North Star Housing Group, Teesside University, Victim Support, Durham University CPS North East and the Thirteen Group.