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Schools needed for Shafilea pilot

THE creator of a Shafilea Ahmed memorial page on Facebook is calling on schools in the town to be a pilot for an education initiative around forced marriage.

It is 10 years this month since the Great Sankey teenager was killed by her parents for wanting to live a western lifestyle. Alex, who lives near Cardiff, said he saw Shafilea’s story on the news and was so touched by it he decided to set up a group in her name on Facebook.

The 26-year-old claims the group has provided comfort for Shafilea’s sister Alesha and doubled its number of members following the murder trial last year. He added: “I felt a spark and connection when I saw the news stories and I’ve had so many people contact me through the memory page who have been touched by her case. “It’s been amazing the number of people from Warrington who have told me their memories and what they want to see for the future. “We have a 643 strong member community who are active in campaigning for greater awareness through education and this group has brought a lot of people together.

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