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Forced into marriage aged just 12 – Fay refused to accept her life and now her business is booming

Aged just 12, Fay Khatri was forced into a marriage against her will.

Five years later, she was forced to marry again – this time to her cousin.

“I was abused by a number people while I was growing up and at one stage I decided that was just the way was going to be for me,” said Fay, was married five times in 11 years, three against her will.

But she refused to accept the way her life was going. Determined to make a success of her life, she ran away from home and met a Middlesbrough man – changing her life forever.

The 46-year-old therapist is now the proud owner of a thriving salon, Tamara’s Beautique on Borough Road, a happy ending to an emotional and often heartbreaking journey.

“I was born in Kenya, but after I got married when I was 12 I was shipped out to live in Saudi Arabia, where my mum also lived,” said Fay.

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