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Everyday English Classes

Christine is the volunteer coordinator for the Halo Project and with a background in Victim Support; she has a vast of experience to draw from. The volunteers at the Halo Project are from a mixed background with males and females making up the numbers and their roles vary from supporting victims, raising awareness of the Halo Project Charity to fundraising.

The ‘Everyday English’ is a course designed especially for women who speak little English. The Halo Project volunteers have devised their own alphabet with the letters relating to words that are appropriate to everyday life.

‘B, for example is not ball but bus.’ Christine explained. “A bus is a more practical word for the women who will be attending the courses, to learn than say ball.’

Women accessing the course will also be taken out of the ‘classroom setting’ to practice English. Trips to doctor’s surgeries to make appointments will be part of the course work.

The coursework will be available in Arabic, Urdu and Hindi, with handbag size booklets, designed especially by the Halo Project, handed out at the start of the course.

The final preparations are being put in place and Christine is hoping to have the first 8-10 students start the course in November.

The “Everyday English’ course is a brilliant way of enabling those who do not have English as their first language to gain the confidence in taking the steps to learn English.


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