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Contributing to end child and forced marriage

Our government has recently announced that Canada will contribute additional funding to UNICEF’s efforts to end child and forced marriage. This project will support efforts in six countries where the practice is prevalent: Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Yemen and Zambia.
While the concept of forced marriage seems foreign to most Canadians, the truth is that it is common practice in many countries burdened by gender discrimination. It happens, around the world, 39,000 times every day.
The practice of child and forced marriage may be widespread, however the consequences are extremely personal and intensely felt. Child marriage denies children, particularly girls, the right to make choices about their lives. These girls are stripped of their dignity sometimes even before they understand the concept. Dehumanized at a young age, they are often forced to give birth before they are ready to care for children. They are often denied the opportunity to receive education.


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